KleenFuel Solution for common-rail
KleenFuel, removes contamination from the diesel fuel and gasoil like:
This shall lead to a clean fuel which results in a better combustion and lowers the fuel consumption and combustion.
Tests with KleenFuel has given results from 5% to 17% fuel savings.
In the same way Kleenoil Filtration Units operates on a by pass oil system, KleenFuel has found a safe point on the fuel system where it can circulate the filtration of fuel.
Cleaning down to 3 micron absolute (1 micron relative) and removing all water as it is formed into the diesel fuel.

Commercial engines have components which has tolerances between the moving parts of 3 – 4 micron.
A human hair width is 70 micron
Standard inline fuel filtration generally cleans out all particulate over 25 micron.
KleenFuel cleans up to 1 micron (relative) 3 micron (absolute).

KleenFuel KFD65
Simple install the KleenFuel KFD65 in the return line of the diesel fuel. In this case, their are no effects on the motor. The management system can do it’s work as it has been designed. With the KFDC65 premium split cartridge contamination will be removed from the fuel and protect the injectors, common rail system and other components against wear, soot, sludge, etc.

KleenFuel KFDC65
KleenFuel elements have a double-acting function: absorb water and filter contamination from the fuel. By removing these components from your fuel, combustion will be improved.

Remove Contamination
Wear and damage to fuel system components are caused by the particles of about 3-15 micrometers. KleenFuel elements filtrate up to 1 μm to reduce the risks of wear.
Eliminate Water
KleenFuel elements remove water upto 0.05%. This will reduce the forming of bacterial growth and oxidirapidly wear and oxidize engine components causing rusting and corrosion resulting in Injection damage and size.
Removes no Additives
The filtration system of KleenFuel removes dirt, contaminants, wear particles and water, it does not remove fuel additives necessary for continued use.
Reduce Maintenance
Less contamination gives less wear and sticky components which lead to less maintenance and less costs
Reduce fuel consumption
Reduce combustion gasses Co Nox

KleenFuel Install
The unique aspect of Kleenfuel is its installation point.
Depending on the engine type, standard filtration cannot offer a better filtering media as it
cannot upset the flow of fuel into the common rail. Any change in pressures will inevitably
upset the ECU and cause a number of problems in the fine tuning of a modern engine.
Installing Kleenoil at this point is feasible by reducing the restriction, but from a sales perspective it is not ideal.

Remember Common rail engines return 90% uncombusted fuel to tank ?

Kleenfuel install on the return line of the common rail to tank.

On the top of any fuel tank is a sender unit.
Raised arrows indicate feed and return.
We pick up the return line
We cut the return line and divert a feed and return to the kleenfuel unit
The Kleenfuel is mounted in a suitable location as close to tank as possible.
Clear pipes are used here to illustrate the connection.
Kleenfuel use like for like pipework graded to fuel specification
Installation is quick, clean and efficient
Once a mount position is identified, install can take around 20 mins with minimum amount of tools.
There is usually no interference with the engine.
In the installation package we include 1 replacement cartridge
– Change at the end of the first week the cartridge, this rids the system of the inherent dirt prior to KleenFuel.
– Cartridge change interval advise is minimum 3 monthly or on the customers inspection / service interval.
– The greater the changes the better the efficiency!