Back pressure valve is used to create a small partial flow to Kleenoil filter from thereturn line on hydraulic system. By connecting the valve on the return line at such ideawill create a small back pressure with 2 bar that does not interfere the rest of the system. From this valve is then connected two hoses to Kleenoil filter and that is all it takes. This installation is simple and is commonly used on for example trucks and alsosystems that lack servo or hydraulics that are particularly sensitive to the servo side.The valve is available in sizes 3/4 “, 1″ and 1.1 / 4 “

This hydraulic block (185 EUR) makes it possible to mount a Kleenoil filter to all hydraulic systems. The block can be connected to any pressure 5-350 bar and the return will go to a pressureless position, such as the tank. The block control both pressure and flow to the filter and ensures that maximum volume taken from the system is up to 3.76 liters / minute (varies slightly depending on the filter, oil temperature and viscosity) It allows you to use the block on the load-sensing pumps and systems without causing surges. The block also makes sure that the pressure in the filter never exceeds 4.2 bar, regardless of system pressure. The block can be bolted directly onto any Kleenoils filter cans (not KU8, only hose ), but can also be connected with hose if needed.