Washing chemicals

A high-performance low-aromatic petroleum degreasing additives that make it adhere to wet surfaces. Emulsifies with water during washing and removed easily.
Applications: tar, asphalt, oil, grease and road salt.

Finn Cleaner
A highly concentrated and multifunctional alkaline detergent to be diluted with water. Effectively cleans without damaging sensitive surfaces such as glass, aluminum and carpet not paint. Contains teflonvax, providing a smooth, waxed surface and facilitates the next washing. Applied with conventional pressure spray or with special foam equipment for pressure washers that provide a solid foam which gives the product more 100% longer duration of action. The foam can be applied to several meters distance and takes only a few seconds to apply, for example, a passenger car.
Applications: Cars, trucks, construction equipment, boats, caravans, textiles, floors, bathrooms, etc.
Mixing ratio: 1:10 - 1: 100

A highly effective cleaning agent with astonishing effect on stainless steel and aluminum with explosive speed. Removes oxidation, brake dust and contaminants on aluminum, stainless steel and automotive wheels.
Does not damage painted surfaces, but should not be applied to the glass!
Application: Truck Tanks, wheels, scooter chassis and everything else in aluminum.

Aluboat Cleaner
A powerful cleaner for hulls made of aluminum, for example, "Buster". Removes dirt, stains and impurities from the water without damaging or discolor aluminum.
Application: Cleaning of aluminum boats.

Rust Weekender
Removing rust from metal surfaces in baths with an efficiency as high pressure blasting.
A very effective product that makes scrap almost like new and ready for painting after rinsing with water. Safe for most types of metals. Anodizing may become discolored.
Application: Rust Removal of metals in the bath.